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Isla Negra – Vineyard – Pomaire

Isla NegraWe start our trip in the morning towards the Casablanca valley, located on the coastal valleys of the V Region. There we will visit one of the many vineyards located in this valley, famous for its excellent white wines, especially Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. During the tour you will have a chance to visit the facilities, learn about the wine making process, and taste a fine selection of wines.


We then leave the valley towards the Isla Negra seaside town to visit the most inspiring of all the houses that belonged to the poet Pablo Neruda, a Nobel Prize winner (1971), to wander through a fantastic collection of ship wrecks, instruments, toys, colored bottles, and sea shells, which were an important part of the poet’s life and a source of inspiration.


Our last stop is Pomaire, a craft workers town famous for its clay pottery, which dates back to pre-hispanic settlements. There, we will have lunch at a typical Chilean food restaurant (not included).


Includes: English speaking guide

Pablo Neruda`s Museum

Wine tour and tasting


*From Tuesday to Sunday

Prices per person
Persons Prices
02 USD 146
03 USD 112
04 USD 95
05 USD 87
06 USD 81
07 USD 81
08 USD 81
09 USD 75